Website Quick-Start Checklist

We have found that the below items comprise the core of most websites. Don’t worry though, if you are missing some of these crucial pieces, we can help you to create them.

We will help you collect your content and make sure there aren’t any missing pieces. After everything is collected, we will send you an invite to where you can easily upload all of your content.

Click here to download a PDF of the checklist »


☐ Logo Files

Vector formats are preferred (.AI, .SVG, .PDF). The next best option is a .PNG or .PSD file with a transparent background. Lastly, a JPG will work but may need some editing. If you do not have a logo and would like one, please let us know and we would be love to chat with you about creating one. If you would prefer to have a text title instead of a logo, that works just fine.



☐ Introductory paragraph

For the home page that briefly covers both who you are and what you do.

☐ Biography paragraph

Either about you, or about your company, or both.

☐ List of services or products

☐ Call-to-Actions

It’s good to have very specific call-to-actions on your site to direct users to go and do what you want them to (i.e. Click to learn more” “Purchase now” “Get started today”).



☐ High resolution photo for the home page

☐ Individual or group portraits, if necessary

☐ Images of products or portfolio of work

☐ Texture

It’s nice to have textural imagery to use as a background for some highlighted text or to intersperse throughout your website to add character.