Now that you have taken the first step towards a new website, it is time to start thinking about what information you want included on your site. 

Remember: Less is more!

6 pages are included in your site, so pick your 6, and go through them one at a time, outlining what you want to include on each. A list of possible pages you could include in your site is attached for reference.

Let’s use the Home Page as an example, since every website has a Home Page.

Pull up your dream website in your mind . . . what does it look like? Is there one large image, scrolling large images, or multiple smaller images? Maybe there is a video loop? Or no images at all? Maybe your site immediately jumps to text. What does it say?

If you have an image, is there text over the image? Is there a button calling visitors to take an action (contact us, book now, shop)? 

Now lets focus on the remaining text for the Home Page. What information is so important that it deserves to be added to this piece of prime real estate. About your company, services offered, or perhaps a testimonial or two? Or do you want to limit the text and make images the focus?

What else needs to be on your Home Page? Your hours, location, or maybe an events calendar?

Look at your competitor’s sites. Are there any consistent themes that would also make sense for your site? Also look at sites you love to visit. What do they include that you like so much?

Now write it out!